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Complete your higher study in Germany without any fees and get job

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Complete your
Nowadays, more and more Indian students want to study in abroad. Parents also help and encourage them. In India higher studies in abroad means generally U.S.A., UK, Germany, Australia, France or Russia etc. But it also means a lot of money (may be 3-4 Millions at least). But only few students know that Germany is one of the best destinations for MS and some more areas of studies.

There are more than 300 Government Universities. Qualities and attraction of these Universities is so much that you may find students from more than hundred nations in one University. Interestingly in most of the government universities the fee is as low as 200 Euros (15000 Rupees) per semester. That would be almost guaranteed if your German language is good. In some universities it is Zero Euros. You have to spend money just for food and accommodation. And if you are flexible and can work part time you may finance your living expenditure as well. As per law for students 120 Days in a year is allowed.

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