German Embassy Interview Experience, Ready for german visa interview questions

German Embassy Interview Experience, Ready for german visa interview questions

German Embassy Interview Experience, Ready for german visa interview questions
The whole procedure starts with you arranging all your documents according to the checklist the German Embassy gives with your application form. Then you get up and get ready and take out the best clothes from your wardrobe so you can look the smartest of you have ever looked. After all this you reach the Embassy office. Wait...Hello everybody amidst all the things i forgot to introduce myself, I am Abdul Haider from Jaipur Rajasthan. I recently gave my student visa interview in The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in New Delhi. So where were we....Yeah okay we have reached the embassy.

The Confirmation letter you get after your visa interview is confirmed specifically says that you should come to the embassy only 10 minutes before your scheduled time. I suggest you should follow that strictly because there is no waiting place outside the embassies gates and no parking zone in the whole locality where all the embassies are located. They start taking people only 10 minutes before in the gates. As you enter you have the security check so you don’t carry any stuff like camera and phones inside the premises and the documents also should be in a transparent bag otherwise you will have to take all the papers in your hand. Then you go to a person sitting in a office just after the check he takes your appointment slip and checks whether you are at the right time or not. He also takes your passport and then puts the details in the computer and gives you a counter number. In the Delhi office there were 4 counters.1,2 were in single room with different waiting space inside the room and the other counters that is 3,4 were just like going into and ATM.....I hope you can picture the room in your mind. Till now everything looks under your control then comes the real game.

You hear your name on a speaker being announced. Let me warn you be attentive to every sound you hear there because the staff may slowly announce your name and you even not catch that then the next time they announce may not sound to you very politely, I hope you are getting my point. You go to the counter which more like of talking to a glass. The interviewer is behind a little sound proof Glass. And communicates you with a microphone and speaker put up on your left and right side. Then you give the main set of documents to him/her this is the set which contains mostly your original documents. The interviewer then takes the document she needs and returns the remaining document from a tray which goes under the glass between you guys. There they start their part asking you all random questions about your college and studies. As soon as you give a bad answer BOOOM!!!!!! You get backfired and that to in a very bad way. So mentally prepare yourself for the feeling you may get of getting yourself rejected. The thing I tell you now maybe just happened with me but better to be prepared with all this. The interviewer gave me 3 blank A4 sheets and asked me to answers 3 Questions .At max you will have 10 minutes to do all this.

1 Aim in life
2 20 reasons why you want to study German.(if you think these are many don’t worry even the internet has 15!!!But if I can answer I am sure you can also)
3 20 reasons why you chose Germany.

After you answer and submit the papers to the Interviewer, this is the time they start processing your application. The thing next comes is that the interviewer will ask you to give him/her the a set like the very same they have made with your documents. The set you make is a complete photocopy set which should be notarised and attested. You may at max get 5 minutes to do this task so dude better get organised this is the time they check your time management and your capabilities to work under pressure. After you are done with this and give the interviewer the set you get a printed sheet with questions. The questions are:

1. Why did you choose Germany for your selected field?
2. Did you read any English author book if yes which book and what was its storyline?
3. Where did you do your senior secondary from and what was the medium?
4. Where did you do you secondary from and what was the medium?
5. Name some of the famous researcher in your field of study?
After all this the interviewer enters all your details in a computer and attaches your answers at the front of both the sheets. After he/her is done entering the information they ask for your fingerprints and the machine is kept at the left hand side of you. You are supposed to first place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner 3 times and lifting your fingers every time the lights on the scanner turn green. Then same for the left hand and then both the thumbs. Then the question come about your family what your father does your mother and your siblings(if you have any). Then you pay the processing fees of INR 4600. The interviewer finishes the whole entry of the details. Prints a confirmation receipt that you have payed the processing fees with your file number on it. With this your passport also comes back and they ask you to keep checking your email. If your applications get accepted they email you stating that you need to go and give your passport to the nearest VFS office for visa stamping. Voila!!!!! The interview is done.
You go home and wait for that 4 weeks of processing time to pass...and pray for the application to get accepted.

Piece of advice: Prepare yourself mentally for any sort of question coming your way. And if you are a short tempered person try and learn to control your anger from today itself you will need it more than anything in the embassy. And learn anything and everything you can learn about germany.This piece of information may only save you from if you are asked to write 20 reasons.

Best of Luck