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German VISA Application to Stamping guide

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German VISA

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Step 5 - Application to Stamping 

After you visa interview, your documents are sent to Germany to the local Alien Office/City Registration Office (Rathaus) of the town in which your university is located. Your university will have to confirm that you are a bona-fide student and have received an admission in their course. Once, this confirmation is successful, an approval is sent to the consulate back in India, where you will get your visa stamped. Hence, sometimes it is possible to speed up the visa process if you are running late, by mailing your university and asking them to look into it, doesn't’t work always though.
Step 6 - Visa Stamping
This is the final step for your visa once you have received a call/email confirming your Visa, you can go to the nearest VFS Centre from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 11AM to submit your passport for stamping. DO take along the print-out of the intimation email which you would have received. You can collect your passport back with the Visa stamped on the same day at 3PM. You need to only submit your passport for the same.
Other documents required are:
Travel Insurance (Only from those providers listed under consulate's website) and for a period of 4 weeks from the date of departure is sufficient since you will have to take the mandatory German health insurance to commence your studies at a German university.
You also need to give a tentative date of travel. So, if possible carry copies and original of your flight tickets if you have already booked. It is always safer to give a date 2-3 days before your flight just to be safe and Your Visa will be valid from this date.
General over view of Visa interview and questionnaire
In Visa interview you are expecting to take a checklist and arrange the documents as per that. Stick photos to the form; glue-stick is provided over there. There are some paper clips too, organise your document sets properly. Also they will ask certain question’s related to your purpose and all.
Then they will take your originals and ask you to fill a questionnaire like :
1) How did you come to know about study program in Germany (website, reference, etc.)
2) what are the Modules of your master’s course.
3) Why this course or university?
4) Name some prominent scientist/inventors of your field.
5) Other universities where you applied and how their course were different
6) What did you do in the past 6 months (only if you are applying after 6 months of your graduation?)
7) 10th, 12th and Bachelors %
It is advised to check consulate website where you are before applying because it varies consulate to consulate and also case to case.

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