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if you go to Europe or Tips before going to Europe

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if you go to Europe
Hello Friends! If you are going to europe, I would like to share some of my personal experiences that may help you.

1. If you are planning or going to europe and you have limitation of time or money then(for travelling one point to another in whole europe) it is better to trevel by these two links. (
(2. railway or other transportation.
As German railway is atleast two -three times more expensive than these.

2. Do not stay in a hotel and prefer this link to stay: This link is of a hostel. And you will find these hostels in whole europe. These hostels are not only cheaper but also safe. But you have to book online in advance so that you can avoid last minute problems.

3. Learn the local language of the perticular country you are going to . Otherwise you may not feel comfortable. In many europien countries people do not prefer to speak english.
It is also possible that you feel handicap. For example in Germany common man do not speak english and if you want to purchase something to eat or some railway ticket. It is very difficult to survive. At small railway stations there are only ticket mashines and everything is written in German.

4. Take a local sim as soom as you reach there. For that you do not need to submit your documents just pay and get it . For exp. Libra sims are very cheap in Germany.

5. Do not go unplanned. Plan everything before you move. Think carefully what you may need there. Meet people(friends or familymember) who have already gone there. Even if you have to go some hundred kilometer to meet such person it will be very helpful.

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