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Radymade method to speak German at intial level

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Radymade method to

Do you like to speak german early? Ofcourse!! It is simple. For that you have to just master or transfer your existing english vocab without changing their meaning in to german. So read them and feel the fun..maximum english verbs ending with ate, ize, and ify can be transferred in to german changing them with ieren ending.

nominate - nominieren
Immitate - immitieren
otivate - motivieren
regulate - regulieren
dominate - dominieren
operate - operieren
initiate - initiieren
demonstrate - demonstrieren
vibrate - vibrieren
irritate - irritieren
illustrate - illustrieren
vegetate - vegetieren

Like wise you can also check with english verbs ending with ize and ify.

There are also number of english verbs which do not follow some fix rule but are similar to german can also enjoy this similarity- See these verbs once and you will remember them for good.

to block - Blocken
To stop - Stoppen
To end - Enden
To film - Filmen
To start - Starten
To divide - Devidieren
To note - Notieren
To roll - Rollen
To park - Parken
To land - Landen
To hunger - Hungern
To execute - Executieren
To dance - Tanzen
To spend - Spenden
To make - machen
To fish - Fischen
To box - Boxen
To cook - Kochen
To learn - Lernen
To pick - Picken
To spare - Sparen
To ignor - Ignorieren
To examine - Examinieren
To follow - folgen

Now you will see that there are also some noun which have similarity to their german counterparts. And can be learnt with same trick, So english tactics becomes die Taktik in german.

Grammar - Die Grammatik Plastics - Die Plastik Politics - Die Politik Optics - Die Optik Physics - Die Physik Athletics - Die Atheletik Ethics - Die Ethik Logistics - Die Logistik

And this way you can now understand some german words even in advance thogh you may have never come across der Name if you see this word you would know that it means the Name.

Die Bank,Der Ball, Der Motor, Die Minute, Die Rose, Der Jazz, Das Ideal, Das Horn, Die Garage, Das Chaos, Die Butter, Der Basis Der Atlas, Der Alter, Der Arrest, Der Block, Das Budget, Der General, Der Hunger, Der Idiot, Das Land, Der Name, Der Park, Das Banner, Der Bus, Die Chance, Das Depot, Das Hotel

The above given nouns have the same meaning as you know in english. But you must have noticed that with every noun there is a article before it. You have to master the article before you use.And another important thing is that german nouns are written with first alphabet in capital.

Like wise you may also find some adjectives and other grammatic rules. Isn't it interesting?

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