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A1 Level Course

  • Duration: 90 Hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Location: ELS, Jaipur
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A-1 level consists of 90 hours classes. Of which 30 hours classes are related to Germany and it's culture. Which are of much help in understanding the language German.

8 to 12 weeksEvery Monday new batchAbility to introduce oneselfSimple speaking enquiries
Basic grammar skillsGiving directionsDescribing peopleDefining shape
Giving opinionsShoppingDiscussing homeAsking for information
WritingTalk about simple situationsAsking the waySimple enquiries

We care of quality not quantity and our all services are based on quality. We offer A1 Level with comparatively a little fee.We make sure that every student is fully-satisfied.

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There is no minimum requirements for A1 Level course.

This course is for beginners who do not have prior knowledge of German language. In this course you learn BASICS: ABCD, Introduction, counting, clock timings, Pronunciations, Grammar rules, simple sentence structures. Around 2000-3000 basic words. Also, you start a little bit speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension. After you have completed the level you can easily introduce yourself and can take others introduction. Spoken classes on weekends enable our students to speak out in public with confidence.

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