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A2 Level Course

  • Duration: 90 Hours
  • Level: Elementary
  • Location: ELS, Jaipur
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Standard A2 level is a 90 hour course. After successful completation of the level, our students can speak on almost every topic in depth.

8 to 12 weeksEvery Monday new batchAbility to express feelingsTalk about culture
Average grammar skillsHandle customersDescribing other peopleDefining product
Giving opinionsPersonal interestsDiscussing home featuresAsking for information
Intermediate WritingTalk about complex situationsAsking the wayComplex enquiries

We care of quality not quantity and our all services are based on quality. We offer A2 Level with comparatively a little fee.We make sure that every student is fully-satisfied.

MEGAOFFER : We are offering completely free german language course. Fees is 0 INR and extra reward upto 5000 INR. Details Here ->

Candidates should have A1 certificate in German language.

This is second level and covers a basic range of vocab around 5000 to 6000 including basic expressions and phrases. You can describe about your family, background, surroundings and personal interests. You feel comfortable when standard (Hoch Deutsch) German is spoken. One can express his/her Feelings, and talk about culture and festivals. After completing this level one can handle customers from the German world while working at some restaurant or shop.

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