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B2 Level Course

  • Duration: 90 Hours
  • Level: Advance
  • Location: ELS, Jaipur
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In India as well as Germany B2 level is considered as a minimum qualification to start working for a German company(MNCs).

8 to 12 weeksEvery Monday new batchAdvanced ability to express feelingsAll situations related expression
Good grammar skillslinguistic abilityFull description of peopleComplex product definitions
Discussing opinionsArticulating interestsDiscussing location featuresAsking for information
Good writing skillsTalk about complex situationsAsking the wayComplex customer enquiries

We care of quality not quantity and our all services are based on quality. We offer B1 Level with comparatively a little fee.We make sure that every student is fully-satisfied.

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Candidates should have B1 certificate in German language.

This certification is considered as a minimum qualification to start working for an MNC in India as well as abroad. One can understand all day situations related to common topics like travelling, job, school, hobbies or shopping in a mall. One can express desires, hopes and can react or report his/her experience. In short it gives you linguistic ability to understand and respond to German speakers fluently.

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