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A Germany-visit by Dev sir - Images

Imsterdam-HollandDifferent Breads in German MarketGerman ParliamentDeutsche Welle ( German TV ) Interviewed Devkaran Sir-2In Hamburg in GermanyFun in the Class in GermanyCafe House in Bonn, GermanyWith a Friend in OldenburgDeutsche Welle ( German TV ) Interviewed Devkaran SirBrandenburger Tor  (Gate) Symbol of BerlinVisiting Hamburg PortWorld Culture House, BerlinU-Bahn (German Railway) in Germany Bonn-DeutschlandTechnical University, BerlinEuro Notes are Common in Euro Zone (28 Countries)Street Singer in OldenburgGallery ImsterdamStreet Art-Beer, BerlinGerman City Cottbus near PolandFamous Dome of Köln, GermanyVictory Symbol in BerlinBerlin WallClassmates from 9 Countries during C1 in Goethe Institut, BonnPalace in BerlinVisiting Hamburg Port-3Class Room at Goethe Institut, BonnS-Bahn (Tram) in BonnStreet Sign in GermanyCoins of Germany