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A Germany-visit by Dev sir - Images

Street Art-Beer, BerlinWith a Friend in OldenburgBrandenburger Tor  (Gate) Symbol of BerlinStreet Singer in OldenburgVisiting Hamburg PortGallery ImsterdamBerlin WallIn Hamburg in GermanyFun in the Class in GermanyGerman City Cottbus near PolandGerman ParliamentStreet Sign in GermanyWorld Culture House, BerlinVisiting Hamburg Port-2U-Bahn (German Railway) in Germany Technical University, BerlinFamous Dome of Köln, GermanyCoins of GermanyCafe House in Bonn, GermanyVictory Symbol in BerlinPalace in BerlinBonn-DeutschlandEuro Notes are Common in Euro Zone (28 Countries)Deutsche Welle ( German TV ) Interviewed Devkaran Sir-2S-Bahn (Tram) in BonnClassmates from 9 Countries during C1 in Goethe Institut, BonnDifferent Breads in German MarketClass Room at Goethe Institut, BonnDeutsche Welle ( German TV ) Interviewed Devkaran SirImsterdam-Holland