Advanced German: Conversation and Grammar

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About This Course

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Course’s Objectives

What you'll learn
  • Use hundreds of new words and expressions that are common in everyday German
  • Use colloquial forms that are used in less formal language
  • Use correct grammar
  • Understand the meaning of words in context
  • You do not need any additional materials. Everything will be provided to you. You should speak some German because this is an advanced course.

Course Description

Der Wagen 

Die Stadt des Verbrechens

Wie zu Hause

Der Urlaub

If you’re thinking about taking this course, I assume your German is pretty decent. But to sound more like a native you should add some common words and expressions to your repertoire. And also feel comfortable about grammar.

Who This Course Is For:
  • You do not need any additional materials. Everything will be provided to you. You should speak some German because this is an advanced course.

Course Content

• Level Beginner • 29 Classes • 55 Hours

Unit 1

10 lectures, 17:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 1. 1 Introduction to the Course 00:30:00
Lecture 1. 2 Frieda freut sich auf einem Ausflung 00:30:00
Lecture 1. 3 Frieda freut sich auf einen Ausflug – Vocabulary 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 4 The Conditional Form of the Verb SEIN 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 5 The Contracted Pronoun ES 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 6 The Verbs SICH FREUEN AUF vs SICH FREUEN ÜBER 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 7 Frieda und Borg machen sich auf den Weg 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 8 Frieda und Borg machen sich auf den Weg – Vocabulary 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 9 Perfekt Tense 02:00:00
Lecture 1. 10 Imperative Forms in First Person Plural 02:00:00
Unit 2

11 lectures, 22:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 2. 1 Temporal Clauses 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 2 Frieda übernimmt das Lenkrad 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 3 Frieda übernimmt das Lenkrad – Vocabulary 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 4 Infinitives With and Without ZU 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 5 Imperative Forms of Irregular Verbs 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 6 Imperative Forms of Separable Verbs 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 7 Frieda und Borg eilen nach Light City 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 8 Frieda und Borg eilen nach Light City – Vocabulary 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 9 Accusative Case of Nouns 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 10 Accusative Case of Personal Pronouns 02:00:00
Lecture 2. 11 Accusative Case of Personal Pronouns 02:00:00
Unit 3

8 lectures, 16:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 3. 1 Imperative Forms of Reflexive Verbs 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 2 Frieda verursacht beinahe einen Unfall 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 3 Frieda verursacht beinahe einen Unfall – Vocabulary 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 4 Perfekt With the Auxiliary Verb SEIN 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 5 Nouns Derived from Verbs 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 6 Perfekt Forms of Modal Verbs Used With Infinitives 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 7 Past Subjunctive With Modal Verbs 02:00:00
Lecture 3. 8 Borg lässt Frieda nicht verschwinden 02:00:00
Unit 4
Unit 5
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  1. Vishal Rahangdale May 25 2023

    I am very thankful to sir I learn very good german from E language studio

  2. Atul Bundel Jun 18 2023

    Good Going, i don't think that is there any other best place in jaipur for learning German Language.

  3. Purushothama Reddy May 18 2023

    Exalent classes , I referred my friends as well . The way of teaching super

  4. Aman Tiwari Jun 05 2023

    E language is a very good coaching institute for German speaking language in Jaipur Teachers have very good experience, teaching pattern is also very good

  5. Jitendra Saini Apr 23 2023

    There are no shortage of institution to teach language . But few institution and teachers are remain in our mind like E language studio in jaipur. I feel during my traning that I can not forget this senerio and my German trainer who teach us . He teaches us not only German but also give his best view . He always encourage me and motivet to all student . I'm proud of myself that iam the part of this institute . There are very experienced fecalty and wish for institut and all respected teacher that they will become shining star of language studio in jaipur

  6. Aneela Riaz May 30 2023

    It was really excited and excellent experience I ever had with sir Devkaran

  7. Kriti Desai May 27 2023

    I've had a fantastic experience learning a foreign language at this institute. The classes are engaging, and the teachers are passionate about what they do. I appreciate how the curriculum is tailored to my learning style and goals. Overall, a great place to learn a new language!