Russian B1 Level : Intermediate

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About This Course

The Russian language, with its fascinating history and cultural significance, captivates language learners seeking to delve deeper into its complexities. As learners progress on their linguistic journey, the B1 Intermediate Level stands as a significant milestone, showcasing an advanced stage of proficiency. B1 Russian equips learners with the skills to navigate a broader range of topics, engage in more complex conversations, and comprehend a variety of written and spoken materials. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of B1 Russian and the key attributes required to unlock the realm of intermediate proficiency.

Course’s Objectives

What you'll learn
  • Russian Language from basic to advanced
  • More than 8000 words and phrases
  • The complete Russian language grammar
  • Covers grammar and vocabulary from A1, A2 and B1 levels!
  • No prior requirements 
Course Description

At the B1 Intermediate Level, learners deepen their understanding of the Russian language, expanding their vocabulary and refining their grammatical knowledge. They gain the ability to discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from social issues to current events, and express their opinions and thoughts with more precision. B1 Russian learners can comprehend and analyze longer texts, including news articles, opinion pieces, and literary works, allowing for deeper engagement with Russian culture and literature. The intermediate level also emphasizes the development of writing skills, enabling learners to produce coherent and well-structured texts on various subjects.

Listening and speaking skills continue to progress at the B1 level, as learners engage in more nuanced conversations and comprehend a variety of spoken materials. They can understand extended dialogues, interviews, and speeches, extracting main ideas and nuances of meaning. B1 learners are capable of participating in discussions, debates, and presentations, expressing their viewpoints effectively, and engaging in fluent and spontaneous conversations. Pronunciation and intonation become more refined, enabling learners to communicate with native-like fluency and accuracy.

To achieve B1 Russian proficiency, learners are encouraged to immerse themselves in the language and culture. Authentic materials, such as Russian films, podcasts, and literature, provide exposure to real-life language usage and enrich cultural understanding. Language courses designed for B1 learners offer advanced instruction and practice exercises to reinforce grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. Engaging in conversation exchanges with native speakers, either through language exchange programs or online platforms, further enhances fluency and cultural immersion. Regular self-assessment and practice exams can help learners track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

B1 Russian, or the Intermediate Level, marks a significant milestone on the path to fluency in the Russian language. With expanded vocabulary, refined grammar skills, and enhance listening and speaking abilities, learners gain the confidence to engage in more complex conversations, comprehend diverse texts, and express themselves with precision. By immersing themselves in authentic materials, utilizing language courses, and seeking opportunities for meaningful practice, B1 Russian learners continue their journey toward linguistic mastery, fostering a deeper connection with the Russian language, culture, and society.

Who This Course Is For:
  • Beginner and intermediate Russian learners
  • Foreign students enrolling at Russian universities
  • Anyone preparing for a Russian language examination
  • Foreigners travelling or working in Russia willing to improve their Russian language skills
  • Anyone interested in the Russian language and culture

Course Content

• Level Intermediate • 22 Classes • 110 Hours

Unit 1

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 1. 1 Using Informal &Formal version of you. 05:00:00
Unit 2

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 2. 1 Knowing phrase For Hello & Good bye 05:00:00
Unit 3

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 3. 1 Making sense of Russian names 05:00:00
Unit 4

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 4. 1 Introducing yourself and Others Russian in Action 05:00:00
Unit 5

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 5. 1 Breaking the ice by talking about yourself. 05:00:00
Unit 6

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 6. 1 Exchanging contact information 05:00:00
Unit 7

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 7. 1 Knowing what to say when you don't understand something 05:00:00
Unit 8

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 8. 1 Making Fuss About food 05:00:00
Unit 9

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 9. 1 Talking about food Fundamentals 05:00:00
Unit 10

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 10. 1 Eating breakfast,lunch & dinner 05:00:00
Unit 11

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 11. 1 Shopping for food 05:00:00
Unit 12

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 12. 1 Dinning in restaurant & cafe's Shopping made Easy In this chapter 05:00:00
Unit 13

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 13. 1 Finding out where and how to shop 05:00:00
Unit 14

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 14. 1 Looking for clothes Selecting the items you want 05:00:00
Unit 15

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 15. 1 Paying the bills 05:00:00
Unit 16

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 16. 1 Checking out Great Russian souvenir to buy 05:00:00
Unit 17

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 17. 1 Going out on the Town Russian style 05:00:00
Unit 18

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 18. 1 Talking about the time 05:00:00
Unit 19

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 19. 1 Planning to go out 05:00:00
Unit 20

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 20. 1 Catching a flick Getting the most out of the ballet & theatre 05:00:00
Unit 21

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 21. 1 Checking out a museum 05:00:00
Unit 22

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 22. 1 Sharing your impression about an event 05:00:00

The B1 level in the Russian language signifies the intermediate level, where learners have a solid understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and can communicate effectively in various everyday situations.

At the B1 level, you will expand your Russian vocabulary, deepen your understanding of grammar rules and structures, and develop the ability to engage in more complex conversations, express opinions, and discuss a wide range of topics.

The time required to reach the B1 level in Russian can vary depending on factors such as prior language learning experience and study consistency. Generally, it takes around 250-300 hours of study to complete the B1 level.

Yes, there are online platforms and language learning websites that offer B1 Russian courses. These courses provide structured lessons, interactive exercises, and opportunities to practice speaking and listening skills with instructors and fellow learners.

At the B1 level, you will further develop your listening and speaking skills, expand your vocabulary to discuss a wide range of topics, improve your reading comprehension to understand longer texts, and enhance your writing skills to express ideas and opinions in more detail.

Yes, with the B1 level in Russian, you will have the language skills necessary to engage in professional contexts. You can participate in meetings, make presentations, write emails, and communicate effectively with Russian-speaking colleagues or clients.

Yes, the TRKI (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) offers certificates for different proficiency levels, including the B1 level. These certificates are widely recognized and validate your proficiency in the Russian language.

To practice your Russian skills at the B1 level, you can engage in activities such as watching Russian movies or TV shows without subtitles, reading newspapers or books in Russian, participating in online forums or discussion groups, and seeking opportunities to communicate with native speakers.

Absolutely! After completing the B1 level, you can progress to higher levels such as B2 and beyond. Each level will further develop your language skills and bring you closer to fluency in Russian.

Learning Russian at the B1 level allows you to engage in more meaningful and nuanced conversations. It enables you to understand and express opinions on various topics, read authentic Russian texts with comprehension, and navigate professional and social situations with confidence. Additionally, it broadens your cultural horizons and opens doors to further personal and professional opportunities in Russian-speaking countries.

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