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Course Description

The Spanish language, with its global reach and cultural significance, entices learners seeking to attain a high level of fluency and cultural immersion. The Spanish Language C1 level, also known as the Advanced Level, represents a significant milestone in one's language journey. At this stage, learners refine their linguistic skills, expanding their vocabulary, mastering complex grammar structures, and delving deeper into the cultural nuances of the Spanish-speaking world. Let's explore the key aspects of the Spanish Language C1 level and how it propels learners toward an advanced level of proficiency.

At the C1 level, learners of the Spanish language demonstrate exceptional command of vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding. They possess a wide-ranging vocabulary that allows them to express themselves with precision and sophistication, discussing intricate topics across various domains, including politics, economics, art, and literature. With refined grammar skills, learners adeptly use complex structures, such as the subjunctive mood, nuanced verb forms, and advanced syntactical constructions, enabling them to convey subtle meanings and navigate diverse communicative contexts. Additionally, learners deepen their cultural immersion, gaining insights into Hispanic literature, history, and societal issues, which enriches their overall language proficiency and broadens their cultural horizons.

One of the key focuses at the Spanish Language C1 level is the development of advanced communication skills. Learners engage in debates, presentations, and discussions, honing their ability to articulate complex ideas, analyze arguments, and persuade others. They demonstrate linguistic flexibility, adapting their language use to different registers and contexts, whether it be formal, informal, or professional. Moreover, learners refine their listening comprehension skills, being able to understand and extract meaning from authentic materials, such as news broadcasts, interviews, and podcasts. By actively engaging in diverse communicative activities, learners at the C1 level cultivate an authentic and natural command of the Spanish language.

To achieve mastery at the C1 level, learners immerse themselves in rich and diverse language resources. They read extensively, exploring literary works by renowned authors, delving into contemporary novels, and analyzing complex texts on various subjects. They engage with authentic audiovisual materials, such as movies, documentaries, and TV series, sharpening their listening comprehension and cultural sensitivity. Furthermore, learners actively participate in Spanish-speaking communities, both online and offline, interacting with native speakers, attending cultural events, and embracing the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

In conclusion, reaching the Spanish Language C1 level signifies a remarkable achievement for learners of the language. It represents a high level of fluency, cultural immersion, and mastery of complex grammar structures. With a focus on advanced vocabulary, refined grammar skills, and authentic communication, the C1 level propels learners towards an advanced level of proficiency, enabling them to engage in sophisticated conversations, appreciate literary and cultural works, and fully embrace the richness and diversity of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.

Course Content

• Level Beginner • 13 Classes • 70 Hours

Unit 1

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 1. 1 The imperfect subjunctive 05:00:00
Unit 2

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 2. 1 The past perfect (pluperfect) subjunctive 05:00:00
Unit 3

1 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 3. 1 Moods and verb tenses in Spanish 06:00:00
Unit 4

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 4. 1 Indicative vs. subjunctive II 05:00:00
Unit 5

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 5. 1 'If'clauses 05:00:00
Unit 6

1 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 6. 1 Relative pronouns and clauses 06:00:00
Unit 7

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 7. 1 Por vs. para 05:00:00
Unit 8

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 8. 1 The passive voice 05:00:00
Unit 9

1 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 9. 1 Phrasal verbs and verbs with prepositions 06:00:00
Unit 10

1 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 10. 1 Indirect/reported speech 06:00:00
Unit 11

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 11. 1 Story to read 05:00:00
Unit 12

1 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 12. 1 Revision 06:00:00
Unit 13 - Test C1

1 lectures, 05:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 13. 1 Test C1 05:00:00

The C1 level in the Spanish language is the advanced level, where learners have a high level of proficiency and can confidently communicate in various complex situations.

At the C1 level, you will refine your vocabulary, perfect your grammar skills, and expand your knowledge of advanced language structures. You will be able to express yourself fluently, understand complex texts, and engage in sophisticated discussions.

The time required to reach the C1 level in Spanish can vary depending on factors such as prior language learning experience and study consistency. Generally, it takes around 500-800 hours of study to complete the C1 level.

Yes, there are online platforms and language learning websites that offer C1 Spanish courses. These courses provide comprehensive lessons, practice exercises, and opportunities for interaction with instructors and fellow learners.

At the C1 level, you will further develop your listening comprehension, speaking fluency, reading comprehension, and writing skills in Spanish. You will be able to engage in complex and nuanced conversations, understand intricate texts, and express yourself with precision.

Yes, the C1 level is highly proficient and suitable for professional purposes. You will be able to handle advanced business communication, negotiate, deliver presentations, and write reports or professional documents in Spanish.

Some common topics covered at the C1 level include politics, economics, literature, art, science, social issues, and cultural aspects. These topics allow learners to engage in in-depth and intellectual discussions.

Yes, the DELE C1 (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is an internationally recognized certificate that confirms your high level of proficiency at the C1 level in Spanish.

To practice your Spanish skills at the C1 level, you can engage in activities such as reading advanced Spanish literature, watching Spanish films or documentaries, listening to podcasts or news in Spanish, participating in language exchange programs, and utilizing online resources for advanced exercises and practice.

The highest level of proficiency is the C2 level, which is the mastery level. At the C2 level, learners possess near-native fluency and can effectively communicate in any situation with accuracy, complexity, and cultural understanding.

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  1. sanju choudhary May 17 2023

    best institute for deutsche. Faculty has got a great experience in teaching.

  2. Khushi Gupta Jun 09 2023

    The students are provided with all the necessary resources that one needs to develop Language skills. Additionally, healthy and learning environment is also provided to add up to his/her learning.

  3. Saravanan D May 23 2023

    Classes are highly interactive. Devkaran sir is one best teacher I came across till date. The time invested here yields good opportunities. Totally satisfied with the course.

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    ELS is the one of best german insitute in jaipur. the reading environment here is very good and the faculty is very anyone wants to learn german language so go ahead and Feel free join E language best teacher is Saurabh Sir in ELS studio.

  5. vishalini V May 15 2023

    My name is Vishalini V and I live in Switzerland. I am really very glad that I took lessons from Dev Sir (online courses from Jaipur). He is very motivating and approachable and always there to help me clear my doubts. Thank you so much sir. A teacher is a candle that spends all of life illuminating the lives of students.