English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course

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About This Course

English speaking course. 77 Hours of English language speaking, English listening practice. 1000 English language words


      A computer, a tablet, or a phone with good speakers or headphones.

      (So you can hear the pronunciation very clearly).

      Absolutely no previous knowledge of English is necessary.

      4 hours a week to speak English when you won't be disturbed.

      Very positive attitude :)

Course Description

Introducing LOGUS

Your most powerful and intensive online English language course.

It is a must-have English language course for complete beginners in English, who want to reach the intermediate level of spoken English language in the shortest time possible.  

The killer advantages of the English language course LOGUS that blow the competition out of the water:  

  • It is not a short basic course in the English language. It is a full beginner to intermediate course in spoken English. It is specifically designed to help you build all the necessary skills for real-life day-to-day use.   

  • It is a 100% animated and interactive spoken English language course, which makes it very fun to use.   

  • You get over 77 hours of intensive spoken English language practice. Each English language lesson lasts about 1 hour and a half.   

  • It is a 100% communicative intensive spoken English language course. You speak the English language all the time and you say over 2000 English words in each lesson.    

  • LOGUS doesn't teach you to separate English words. You learn everything only in the context.    

  • LOGUS is the only online video course obsessed with perfecting your speech fluency. What good is your knowledge of English grammar and words if you can't speak English fluently? Your fluency is our number 1 priority.   

  • English grammar is explained in an extremely simple and intuitive way, with tons of examples and many hours of listening and speaking practice. 

Needless to say, all English words and English grammar are translated into your native language.  

All the vocabulary and grammar are translated into the following languages: English, Spanish Brazilian Portuguese, and Hindi.

Who This Course Is For:
  • It is a must-have English course for complete beginners, who want to reach the intermediate level of spoken English in the shortest time possible.

Course Content

• Level Beginner • 61 Classes • 60 Hours

Chapter 1

8 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 1. 1 Who's in the cabinet? 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 2 Let's take a train 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 3 What's an article? 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 4 Whose shoe is that? 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 5 Those students know nothing 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 6 To be or not to be... a waiter 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 7 This article has a twin brother 01:00:00
Lecture 1. 8 I don't drink eight cups of coffee in the morning 01:00:00
Chapter 2

11 lectures, 11:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 2. 1 Grass is gross 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 2 Why is my fridge empty? 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 3 How to spill coffee on the train 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 4 What makes a good breakfast? 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 5 Hamburger with sugar sounds good 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 6 Sleeping isn't healthy 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 7 How much salt is there in French fries? 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 8 Can't work on Empty Stomach 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 9 How to say I'm thirsty? 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 10 Why does junk food tastes so good? 01:00:00
Lecture 2. 11 Intensive English 01:00:00
Chapter 3

12 lectures, 12:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 3. 1 Cheese pizza is my fave 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 2 I don't want to live in the subway 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 3 Why don't pineapples grow in Canada 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 4 Eating out with Jack's girlfriend 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 5 She is getting all wet 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 6 Grocery shopping with no money 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 7 What can you do with your thumb? 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 8 Pay your Pal 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 9 I do sit in the elevator 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 10 don't hate Japanese food 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 11 It's difficult to get on the crowded train 01:00:00
Lecture 3. 12 Don't hit a snake with your foot 01:00:00
Chapter 4

9 lectures, 09:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 4. 1 Beer doesn't grow on trees 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 2 He can speak with his nose 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 3 Hitting a table with your little toe... again 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 4 I like it when my dog bites me 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 5 She hates working for free 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 6 Study smart, not hard 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 7 Take a walk, pal 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 8 I wear my sunglasses at night 01:00:00
Lecture 4. 9 No one can make me work 24-7 01:00:00
Chapter 5

6 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 5. 1 What does it cost to charge a Tesla? 01:00:00
Lecture 5. 2 Who's low on gas? 01:00:00
Lecture 5. 3 Don't do a dead-end job 01:00:00
Lecture 5. 4 Put your money where your mouth is 01:00:00
Lecture 5. 5 There's snow in my mouth 01:00:00
Lecture 5. 6 His business is going downhill 01:00:00
Chapter 6

8 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 6. 1 She did had a spare ticket 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 2 Who takes exams on Sunday 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 3 Sure you want to ask him out 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 4 The Yankees 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 5 What does MBA stand for? 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 6 Mind sharing a spare tire? 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 7 In this day and age 01:00:00
Lecture 6. 8 The landlord is kicking me out 01:00:00
Chapter 7

6 lectures, 06:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 7. 1 There's no way you can put off your exams 01:00:00
Lecture 7. 2 Standing near the entrance 01:00:00
Lecture 7. 3 Grab a cup of coffee with a doughnut 01:00:00
Lecture 7. 4 Moving out 01:00:00
Lecture 7. 5 To pig or not to pig 01:00:00
Lecture 7. 6 I'm out of teeth 01:00:00
You've done it!

1 lectures, min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 8. 1 Thank you! 00:00:40

The course aims to help beginners develop their spoken English skills intensively.

This course is designed for individuals who are new to the English language and want to improve their spoken English abilities

The course covers essential topics such as greetings, introductions, daily conversations, shopping, dining, and travel.

The duration of the course can vary, but it usually spans over a period of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the intensity of the program.

No, there are no specific prerequisites. This course is open to absolute beginners who have little to no prior knowledge of English.

Yes, the course includes interactive sessions, group discussions, and role-plays to provide ample opportunities for practice and application of the language.

The course utilizes a communicative approach, focusing on speaking and listening skills through interactive activities, audiovisual materials, and conversational exercises.

Yes, pronunciation and accent reduction are key components of the course. Students will learn proper pronunciation of sounds, stress patterns, and intonation to improve their spoken English clarity.

The course may include periodic assessments or progress checks to evaluate students' understanding and track their improvement throughout the program.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion, indicating their commitment to improving their spoken English skills.

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  1. Gaurav Shrivastava Jun 05 2023

    This is the best place to learn German language.And it provides you all the material and guide you how you can learn this language easily..

  2. Priyanshu Nana May 28 2023

    E language studio is the best platform to learn and know about German language, All teacher of this institute is well educated

  3. Harshkavish Kumar May 01 2023

    Els is best place to learn german. With comparision to other online and offline institutes. Dev sir is an excellent teacher ????

  4. Raman Randhawa Jun 16 2023

    Good afternoon Sir, Personally I will say thank you for classes. I am very much satisfied with your teaching. I think I have learnt quite a lot but will make it better with lot of practice. Once again from bottom of heart Dankesch�n ????

  5. Lucky Shekhawat May 29 2023

    I feel very confident in myself. According to me this platform will prove to be very useful for me. Thank you Mr. Devkaran Sir ??????