Russian A2 Level : Elementary

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About This Course

The Russian language, with its rich cultural heritage and vast global influence, offers language learners a rewarding journey into a new linguistic realm. As learners progress beyond the beginner's stage, the A2 level, also known as the Elementary Level, marks a significant milestone in achieving fluency. A2 Russian equips learners with a solid foundation, allowing them to navigate more complex language structures, expand vocabulary, and engage in meaningful conversations. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of A2 Russian and the key skills required to unlock the realm of elementary proficiency.

Course’s Objectives

What you'll learn
  • Russian Language from basic to advanced
  • More than 3000 words and phrases
  • The complete Russian language grammar
  • Covers grammar and vocabulary from A1, A2 and B1 levels!

     Noprevious knowledge of Russian is required. You can start from scratch!

     Adesire to learn Russian

     Apositive attitude!

Course Description

Title: Mastering the Fundamentals: Exploring A2 Russian - Elementary Level

At the A2 Elementary Level, learners dive deeper into the structure and mechanics of the Russian language. Grammar plays a pivotal role, with learners acquiring a wider range of verb conjugations, tenses, and sentence structures. They gain the ability to construct more elaborate sentences and express ideas with increased clarity. Vocabulary expands to include a broader range of everyday topics, enabling learners to engage in conversations about personal experiences, interests, and opinions. A2 Russian learners also develop their reading skills, comprehending more complex texts, short stories, and articles, which further enhance their language proficiency.

Paragraph 2:

Listening and speaking skills continue to grow at the A2 level, as learners become more adept at understanding and participating in conversations on various subjects. They develop the ability to follow discussions, provide detailed information, and express their thoughts coherently. A2 learners can comprehend and respond to everyday messages, such as public announcements, advertisements, and informal conversations. Moreover, they can communicate effectively in practical situations, such as ordering food in a restaurant or asking for directions. Pronunciation and intonation are refined, lending learners a more natural and authentic accent.

Paragraph 3:

To achieve A2 Russian proficiency, learners must engage in a variety of language learning resources and practice activities. Immersion remains crucial, with exposure to authentic Russian media, such as movies, TV shows, and podcasts, enhancing listening skills and cultural understanding. Language courses tailored to A2 learners offer structured guidance and provide opportunities for interactive exercises, discussions, and role plays. Supplementary materials, including grammar textbooks, vocabulary flashcards, and online language platforms, can further reinforce language acquisition. Regular conversation practice with native speakers or language exchange partners helps build confidence and fluency.


A2 Russian, or the Elementary Level, represents a significant step on the path to fluency in the Russian language. With an expanded grammar knowledge, vocabulary repertoire, and improved listening and speaking skills, learners gain the confidence to engage in more complex conversations and comprehend a wider range of texts. By immersing themselves in authentic materials, leveraging language courses, and embracing opportunities for practice, A2 Russian learners pave the way for further language growth and a deeper appreciation of the Russian language and culture.

Who This Course Is For:
  • Beginner and intermediate Russian learners
  • Foreign students enrolling at Russian universities
  • Anyone preparing for a Russian language examination
  • Foreigners travelling or working in Russia willing to improve their Russian language skills
  • Anyone interested in the Russian language and culture

Course Content

• Level Beginner • 7 Classes • 60 Hours

Unit 1

1 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 1. 1 Understanding Nifty Gitty:Basic Russian grammar and Numbers In this chapter 08:00:00
Unit 2

1 lectures, 10:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 2. 1 Understanding the Russian case system 10:00:00
Unit 3

1 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 3. 1 Using Nouns,pronouns,and Adjective 08:00:00
Unit 4

1 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 4. 1 Forming verbs in different Tenses 08:00:00
Unit 5

1 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 5. 1 Discovering Russian Adverbs. 08:00:00
Unit 6

1 lectures, 10:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 6. 1 Creating Russian -Sounding sentence 10:00:00
Unit 7

1 lectures, 08:00:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 7. 1 Counting &Using Number in Russian 08:00:00

The A2 level in the Russian language signifies the elementary level, where learners have a basic understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and can communicate in simple everyday situations.

At the A2 level, you will expand your Russian vocabulary, learn more complex grammar structures, and develop the ability to engage in basic conversations, express opinions, and describe daily activities and experiences.

The time required to reach the A2 level in Russian can vary depending on factors such as prior language learning experience and study consistency. Generally, it takes around 150-200 hours of study to complete the A2 level.

Yes, there are online platforms and language learning websites that offer A2 Russian courses. These courses provide structured lessons, interactive exercises, and opportunities to practice speaking and listening skills with instructors and fellow learners.

At the A2 level, you will further develop your listening and speaking skills, expand your vocabulary, improve your reading comprehension to understand short texts, and enhance your writing skills to express ideas in simple sentences and paragraphs.

Yes, with the A2 level in Russian, you will be able to handle more complex communication needs while traveling in Russian-speaking countries. You can engage in conversations related to accommodations, transportation, shopping, and basic social interactions.

Yes, the TRKI (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) offers certificates for different proficiency levels, including the A2 level. These certificates are widely recognized and validate your proficiency in the Russian language.

To practice your Russian skills at the A2 level, you can engage in activities such as listening to podcasts or audiobooks in Russian, watching Russian movies or TV shows, reading simplified books or articles in Russian, and practicing conversations with native speakers or language exchange partners.

Absolutely! After completing the A2 level, you can progress to higher levels such as B1 and beyond. Each level will further develop your language skills and expand your ability to communicate effectively in Russian.

Learning Russian at the A2 level allows you to communicate in more varied and practical situations. It enables you to have basic conversations with native speakers, understand simple texts and instructions, and navigate everyday life in a Russian-speaking environment. It also provides a solid foundation for further language learning and opens doors to deeper cultural understanding and exploration.

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