Business German: Vocabulary and Presentations

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About This Course

Online Digital Marketing / Social Media Strategy For Beginners - Posts / Blogs / Podcasts / Video / Google Local SEO

Course’s Objectives

What you'll learn
  • You will comprehend how to set up an easy-to-use yet effective online marketing strategy for your business.
  • Know how social media marketing actually benefits your company.
  • Create a social media schedule and plan so that you may carry out your marketing to its intended goal.
  • Recognize the Social Media Platforms and Their Use
  • Write articles and blogs that encourage readers to take action
  • Show That You Are Aware of How Email Marketing Operates
  • Become An Expert In Search Engine Optimization
  • Create a YouTube marketing channel and get knowledge of video production and editing for marketing.
  1. To develop content and optimise it for SEO, you need a website, preferably one powered by WordPress (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. You might have to create free trial accounts for expensive internet SEO tools.
Course Description

Social media marketing: A Science

  1. Do you wish to learn the art and science of using social media marketing to generate free traffic for your website?
  2. When you want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and generate sales, do you feel frustrated by all the conflicting advice on the internet and how everyone says that you need to squander money on Social Media Advertising?
  3. Do you want to discover the best strategies and tested techniques for social media marketing?
  4. Do you want to learn how to create several sorts of marketing content, such as blog entries, social media posts, audio and video material?

You will learn how to master social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, email marketing, local search engine optimization, SEO, YouTube marketing, video production, vlogging, and Instagram photography in this course. We will also demonstrate how to take a profile picture for your social media profile using just an iPhone or Smartphone!

All the tools you need to establish a strong internet marketing presence...

You will discover what strategies for online digital marketing are effective and ineffective as well as where to focus your time and energy.

You will comprehend the psychology of the buying process and how to apply it to your content development, social media marketing, and sales process.

Additionally, you will learn how to use social media marketing to generate visitors to your website and how to develop engaging content for it.

Who This Course Is For:
  • This course is made to assist people who want to become experts in social media marketing, SEO, and online advertising.
  • For Those Who Want To Understand The Psychology Of Social Media Marketing And Content Marketing, This Course Is For You.
  • This Course Is Beneficial For Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Traditional Marketers.
  • This Course Is Appropriate For Complete Beginners Who Want To Advance To An Advanced Knowledge Of The Subject This Course Is NOT A Basic Course On Setting Up Facebook Pages Etc.
  • This Course Is Appropriate For Those Who Want To Start A Social Media Marketing Consultation Business
  • This course is NOT a paid advertising course in any kind.

Course Content

• Level Advanced • 12 Classes • 02 Hours


3 lectures, 00:29:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 1. 1 Introduction 00:09:00
Lecture 1. 2 What is Social Media Marketing & Management? 00:10:00
Lecture 1. 3 Module Quiz: Introduction 00:10:00
Market Research

2 lectures, 00:20:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 2. 1 Market Research Explained 00:10:00
Lecture 2. 2 Find Target Audience (Ideal Customer) 00:10:00

2 lectures, 00:40:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 3. 1 Why You Need a Strategy 00:20:00
Lecture 3. 2 Module Quiz: Strategy 00:20:00
Goal Setting

2 lectures, 00:30:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 4. 1 S.M.A.R.T Goals 00:20:00
Lecture 4. 2 Specific 00:10:00
Branding & Design

3 lectures, 00:35:00 min

Lecture Unit Time (Minutes)
Lecture 5. 1 The Structure of Branding 00:15:00
Lecture 5. 2 Branding vs Marketing 00:10:00
Lecture 5. 3 Module Quiz: Binding & Design 00:10:00
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