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Team Deutsch is a group of German speaking people in India. This group came into existence in September, 2010 @ elanguagestudio,a German language institute based in Jaipur. Since then many students have learnt german from the institute and got placed in many leading MNCs in India and abroad .More than a dozen students went to Germany and Switzerland for higher studies. Now It has become a group of a few hundred German speakers who are either German language students, teachers or working with MNCs like Siemens, Deutschebank, Bosch, TCS, Axa, Amizone etc across India and across the world. Members of Team Deutsch also share their experiences and best practices regarding German language with other group members.

What we do: Team Deutsch is very aktiv Team of German Speakers, On every Weekend we meet at E Language Studio in Jaipur( We discuss on different kinds of topics related to German Language, culture and Germany. In these meetings not only German students or teachers but also native speaker are invited. Some times old students visit and teach/intereact with new students.

Cene Feel -German movies: On every Weekend the Cene Feel is the big attraction for German speakers. It is something that attracts them. In this regular event a German movie is screened with English subtitles, so that new German students can also enjoy and understand it easily. Till now many german movies likes Emil und die Ditektive, Lola rennt have been screened. Any German language student can join it free of cost.

German skits: Till now two skits ’’ Mahabharat: the Yaksh Prashna’’ and ‘’Bremen Stadtmusikanten’’ were played in German by the students.

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