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There is never a dull moment -Prof. JVD Moorthy

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There is never a

"I believe in the literal meaning of Athithi. In Hindi, "A" means without" and Thithi means 'date... So a guest is truly one who walks in without making an appointment-, says Prof. J.V.D. Moorthy. Head of the German department, Osmania University, as he welcomes as into his office. He continues, "And that is exactly what I like about our country. Business, official matters.

everything is dealt with informally, hut with a warmth that is absent in every other part of the world." After graduating with an hon-ours &gee in Economies from Delhi University, he went on to do his Masters in German. When asked about the transition from economic policies to a foreign language. be replies that learning German happened by chance.

1 started learning Ger-man just because my friends had enrolled for the course. And Prof. J.V.D. Moorthy my parents were only too happy as it kept me away from playing cricket!' He started teaching German at Central Institute for English and Foreign Languages (now English and Foreign languages University) in 1985. Then he joined Osmania University in "More people are willing to learn a foreign language, as more job opportunities are available now..." 1989 and has been a part of the faculty since then. His enthusiasm is evident as he talks about the Department's golden jubilee celebrations that took place on 23rd February this yea/. "We organised a cultural lest called 'Zeitgeist' that included German songs. skits and the 'Waltz. The best part was that the students came ''Zeitgeist- means 'Spirit of time: So does he find a difference in the scenario as far as the students are concerned? 'The numbers have in-creased', he says, "More people are willing to learn a foreign language. as more job opportunities are now available, especially in the BP0 sector. More than 300 students will be appearing for their exams from our department this year: He proudly says that most of his students are well placed in reputed companies like Accenture, IBM, Hewlett-Packard. etc.. where they draw salaries ranging from Rs.15000 to Rs.50000 per month. But the absence of an e-•lam-room facility bothers him. There isn't enough support for our department in the form of funds", he says. An e-class. room will be a valuable learning aid for students of all foreign languages.

Apart from German and teaching, he has other interests too. His love for nature made him join the AP Bird Watchers Society in 1983 and he is an active member till date.

His other passions include travelling, sketching, and playing the Harmonica and the Casio. "I can sing as well, but not the way the public would like me tor he jokes. He describes himself as one who loves talking to people. it could be anyone — lorry drivers. street vendors... but each conversation gives me something to think about? For a person who has always been a teacher, we ask him if he's bored with his job. 'It's like asking a tour guide about his job, as the places he shows around remain the same. I had never planned to take up teaching, it just happened.. and I don't regret it. There's never a dull moment, as the students change every year he smiles.

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