Work in Germany

Work in Germany

Work in Germany

After USA, China and Japan , Germany has the fourth largest National Economy in the world and the strongest in Europe. The population growth in Germany is quite low. Due to this reason at present the people cannot retire in Germany. That’s why the German Employment Agency has decided to hire the skilled professionals from the whole world, in order to strengthen its position in the world.

In this respect the German  Employment Agency approached us. The German Speakers Club is voluntary the partner for providing the skilled people in Germany. German Speakers Club is ready to help and support it.


Where in Germany ?

You can work in all the 16 States of Germany. If your Profile fulfilles the requirements then you can work anywhere you want.


Salary, Fields and Checklist

Is it for me ? ( Highlight your Skills and Abilities ). It is a great opportunity for the Engineers and also  for the active skilled professionals. But first of all they need IT Engineers  and  for that the knowledge of German Language should be till B1.


Apart from it your respective experience and abilities will surely help you further.


How and Why German Speakers Club ?

I (Dev Karan Saini) was recently in Germany for the C2 Course through a Scholarship in German Language from  Goethe Institute. In an Event organized by German Employment Department I represented German Speakers Club there.

In the Event the demand of skilled and educated professionals in Germany from all around the world was reflected. So, for that purpose E-Language Studio – German Speakers Club has  voluntarily undertaken this task and is ready to execute it.


What is our Role ?

We will compile your corresponding Qualification / Training/ Experience/ Curriculum Vitae and will furnish the complete details to the Recruitment Agency and the further remaining process  would be carried out directly by the Agency. When you feel the requirement of learning the German language you can freely contact us.  For further Information, you can write to us at :